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At this time MyAviva accounts are only available to Aviva policy holders in Ontario who have a policy effective April 15th, 2016 onwards, or an Ontario policy that has renewed after April 15th, 2016. We will be offering MyAviva to the rest of Canada in the upcoming months.

Your email address should be between 8 and 60 characters long, is not case-sensitive and should not include any spaces.

Your password has between 7 and 30 characters and will be a mix of letters and numbers. It won't have spaces in it. It may contain special characters but not =()*!#<>&|{}\/ or space.

Not registered? To register, you'll need your policy details on hand.

Welcome to MyAviva

  • With MyAviva, you can access all of your policies, update your contact information any day of the week and learn about new product offerings from Aviva.

  • We are also available by phone at 1-855-788-9090 Monday through Friday from 8am and 8pm EST.